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Hey homeowners, before breaking your wallet to redo your kitchen or bathroom, you might want to think about getting a little DIY inspiration, especially if you’re on a budget.

James Young, host of DIY Network’s I Hate My Kitchen, is ready to give you the inside scoop on what’s hot and what’s not at the 2015 Kitchen & Bath Show in Las Vegas. Young has hosted eight seasons and over 100 episodes of I Hate My Kitchen. He loves tearing up kitchens and is known for his innovative designs on a budget. Here’s your personal sneak peek at what he’s seeing at this year’s show! 

What’s Hot for Homes in 2015?

Young hung out at the Formica booth and said he had noticed the hot and newly launched 180fx, which looks like stone, but is actually Formica laminate.

"I can’t tell the difference and I’m standing right here but it’s at a fraction of the cost," he said. He also noticed a lot of useful gadgets and technology features for one to control range, wireless speaker systems and coffeemakers with your smartphone or tablet.

Also trending for the home in 2015? Painting your kitchen or bathroom with neutral colors like grey, white or blue.

"You can paint your base cabinets neutral and add a splash of color with your sink like a turquoise sink or an orange sink or paint your upper cabinets red and the bottom units white," Young suggested. 

DIY Kitchen and Bath Rehab Tips 

If you plan to DIY on a budget, plan first. Young advises starting an inspiration folder. Go to a home store or a show and grab brochures, swatches or fabrics so you have something to refer to when you get started. You should also be honest about what your budget is. 

If you have great cabinet boxes that are strong and sturdy but you just don’t like them anymore, you can paint them instead of replacing them.

"Put in new doors or cut out a rectangle on the front and put in glass inserts and cover the back cabinets with fancy wallpaper so it shows through," he said. 

In your bathroom, you can easily change tile or flooring, paint it or add in light fixtures. The biggest thing Young is seeing is that homeowners say there’s a wall they want to take out so they can expand their kitchen or bathroom.  

If you’re ready to get started, keep in mind that spring and summer is a great time to start, especially if you are redoing your kitchen, so you can do a lot of your cooking outside.

Get as many materials as possible before you start your rehab project and get your much-needed inspiration from his show as well as Formica.com

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