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16118-lucy-hale-talks-teen-advicePhoto Credit: Splash

Besides being a young woman herself at only 26-years-old, Lucy Hale stands as a powerful influence for young women – especially the fans of her hit show, Pretty Little Liars. But she’s also experienced the same hardships and outcasting that nearly all adolescent girls deal with prior to entering adulthood.

“You have to find your voice and there are moments when you feel like you don’t have anyone to relate to, but I think it’s okay to reach out and ask for help.” Hale added, “It’s okay to not be okay all the time.”

For girls in an emotional rut, Hale encourages them to seek help and confide in close friends and family.

“I just gravitate towards like-minded people. I think that’s what’s been really cool for me is finding people that believe in the same things that I do and want the same things.”

And even though she stars in a teen-focused show with catty behavior and undesirable attitudes, Hale remains grounded in who should be there for you off set. “Surround yourself with people who only want to see the best version of you.”

If the actress and singer could reverse the clock, Hale admitted, “I wish I could have told my teen self years ago – just surround yourself with people who want to see you at the top of that mountain.”

Hale concluded, “Because with what I do and often times in high school, it’s the other way around.”

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