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Immaculate-Baking-Company-And-American-Folk-ArtMAIN JPGImmaculate Baking Company has a passion for American Folk Art!

Scott Blackwell, creator of the Immaculate Baking Company, has a love and passion for folk art. After hitting a rough patch with his company, Blackwell decided to take a road trip and see the country. Along the way he became familiar with various folk artists and their artwork. He fell in love with the style and tradition that came along with folk art.

As his company grew, so did his love and support for American Folk Art.

American Folk Art

Blackwell describes folk art as, “…the exposed soul of the artists and their passionate stories of life.” Immaculate Baking Company is known for supporting and being very involved in the American Folk Art community ever since it was created in 1989.

Like folk art, Immaculate Baking takes pride in the simplicity of their products and the wholesome, simple ingredients that are put into each product.

To support their love for folk art, Immaculate Baking Company decided to build a museum for the Folk Artist’s Foundation. Unfortunately, at the time, they did not have the funds to complete the project. So, they decided to do something drastic: bake the World’s Biggest Cookie.

After 40,000 pounds and an oven simply called the "Big Oven," Immaculate Baking Company was able to raise almost $20,000 for the Folk Artist’s Foundation.

Immaculate-Baking-Company-And-American-Folk-Art2 JPG

Supporting artists like Carl Dixon and Bernice Sims, Immaculate Baking Company even packages their products using images in the folk art style. Many of the folk artists are self-taught and the Immaculate Baking Company respects and admires their amazing talent.

Want to be a folk artist yourself? Bake a batch of cookies and decorate them however you want! You can create a piece of artwork right in your home. And the best part is you can eat it after you finish "painting!"

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