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ImmaculateBakingCompany-TheStoryJPGCheck out the inspiring story of Immaculate Baking!

The story of Immaculate Baking Company is a one full of family and love. It all started with Scott Blackwell and his grandmother. At the young age of seven, Blackwell loved baking with his grandmother. She taught him everything he needed to know about baking homemade goods. In college, Blackwell even baked pies for restaurants to sell for a profit.

Naturally, in 1989, Blackwell started Immaculate Baking Company, which originated as a simple shop in Columbia, South Carolina.

After moving to Columbia, South Carolina in 1989, Blackwell started his first bakery called "The Immaculate Consumption." They sold everything from coffee to sandwiches to baked goods, and all of it was completely natural.

Six years later, Blackwell hit a rough patch. He sold The Immaculate Consumption and ended up selling baked goods out of his garage. Although this was a rough time for him, he found something that became a large part of his life and his company. He decided to take a few road trips during this time and became familiar with folk art and artists.

Soon, his out-of-the-garage company started to grow. So, Blackwell moved into a space in Hendersonville, North Carolina. In 2002, The Immaculate Baking Company was named North Carolina Business of the Year.

Folk art is a major part of Immaculate Baking Company and Blackwell tries to support and promote the community of folk artists. He even established the Folk Artist’s Foundation to help support his favorite form of art.

Immaculate Baking Company now has everything from refrigerated cookie dough to cinnamon rolls. They offer gluten-free products and removed GMOs from their canned dough (with a goal of spreading this to all of their products).

This is such an amazing story of a homemade bakery that stayed committed to their idea of wholesome, simple products and love for folk art.

Head out to your grocery store and pick up some Immaculate Baking Company products. You will not be disappointed!

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