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When it comes to hitting the gym, the benefits of weightlifting are endless.

Not only does strength training increase your capacity to be physically active, it improves bone density and promotes a fat-free body mass. By picking up some dumbbells or staying late at the gym to do some squats, you can test your physical limits and improve your overall health.

4 Benefits of Weight Training

1. Reduces Mental Imbalances: If you struggle with depression, anxiety or seasonal mood disorder, try lifting weights. According to a study published in The Primary Care Companion to the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 40 women who participated in consistent anaerobic exercises, like lifting weights, relieved symptoms of depression.

2. Fight Osteoporosis: As the female body ages, you tend to lose muscle and bone mass. Consequently, women are more likely to break a bone or suffer serious injury from a fall or accident. Protect your body by getting strong through a variety of weight lifting exercises and consistent schedule.

3. Better Heart Health: Keep your ticker in tip-top shape by pumping iron. A study done by Appalachian State University concluded that 45 minutes of weightlifting exercise increased blood flow within the arteries while simultaneously decreasing blood pressure.

4. Prevents Back Pain: If you work in an office or are forced to sit at a desk all day long, getting to the gym could greatly benefit you. Weightlifting can help strengthen the muscles at your core and help support your spine. According to livestrong.com, exercises like hip extensions, squatting and step-ups will reverse the damage caused by sitting.

The best advice given by any health professional is to remain consistent in your workout and develop a routine of different exercises that won’t leave you feeling bored. By participating in any activity, you can keep the body going and gain strength along the way. 

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