in-style-celebrity-fashionMAINWe've got the top celebrity style basics every girl should own!

Everyone wants to dress like a celebrity, but we don’t all have a limitless budget. Celebrity fashion seems to change as often as the wind blows, but there are a few celebrity looks that have stood the test of time. Remain in style without buying a whole new wardrobe! This celebrity style clothing will give you the celebrity looks without the celebrity bills!

Celebrity Looks And Celebrity Fashion 

These five celeb style staples are always in style and will give you celebrity looks on a regular gal’s budget. 

Ballet Flats- a really great pair of ballet flats will be in style until the end of time. Pair your ballet flats with jeans, skirts, dresses, tights, leggings…the list goes on and on! Celebrity styles of ballet flats often use high quality leathers and bright colors. 

Black Cardigan- not just for your grandpa anymore. A well fitting black cardigan can be thrown over almost anything and celebrity styles often incorporate fun buttons and interesting cuts and lengths. 


Round Toe Pumps- a classic pair of high-heeled pumps will keep you one leg up on celeb style. Fun colors and embellishments are all great too, but to remain in style for a long time neutral colors and traditional styles are best. 

Dark Jeans- celebrity looks often rely on a perfect fitting pair of dark denim. A style tailored to your body type will give you that celebrity style and keep you in style for years to come. 

White Blouse- nothing looks more effortless or pulled together than a pristine white blouse. Celeb style experts recommend white blouses in a variety of cuts and materials to keep your wardrobe full of celebrity style. Celebrity fashion followers will understand the versatility of a great white blouse. 

taylor-swift-and-conor-kennedy-break-upCelebrity Styles 

Dressing with celeb style really is that easy. These five celebrity looks will keep you in style and on budget. These celebrity style clothes are easy to find and even easier to afford, so what are you waiting for? Get out there and start building your own celebrity looks! 

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