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Photo Credit: YouTube

What happens when you combine two baby goats, two sets of onesies and a rainy day? The most adorable pajama party ever. Sunflower Farm in Cumberland, Maine recently posted a precious YouTube video of two of their goats, Winifred and Monty, dancing around the barn when they refused to venture outside due to some inclement weather. 

"Goats have zero interest in letting even one rain drop touch their heads," the farm wrote on the YouTube video.  "These little ones enjoyed their time out, but decided to stay inside the barn! I'm pretty sure they both actually shook their head, NO! when they looked outside at the rain!" 

Staying inside and wearing your pajamas on a rainy day sounds pretty reasonable to us.  Watch the whole adorable video of the baby goats below. 

wally-the-bunnyPhoto Credit: Instagram 

It's official. The cutest bunny on the planet has been found. His name is Wally, he's from Massachusetts and he probably has more Instagram followers than you. His owner Molly shares daily snapshots of the fuzzy fellow, which makes his account a must-follow, because honestly, who doesn't need more adorable bunny pictures in their life? 

Wally also has a  knack for fashion and can pull off pretty much any look, as demonstrated in the photos below.

Not just anyone can pull off a butterfly clip.

A true fashionista always takes risks.

Wally doesn't need to wait until his birthday to pull of this hat.

Shoe love is true love.

Wally always makes sure to get in his daily recommended vitamins like every healthy bunny should. 

The #HealthGoth aesthetic is so 2014. Wally's all about #HealthFluff

A casual feast for this fluffy buddy.

And Wally definitely understands the fine art of relaxation. 

Rocking chair: Check!  

Cozy bed: Check! 

Snuggle buddy: Check!

We could easily spend the rest of our day looking at pictures of Wally, but for the sake of getting anything done, here's one final pic of our favorite furry friend. 

If you haven't already followed Wally on Instagram, make sure you do here

Panda Eating Bamboo

Say it ain't so! Scientists think pandas may be allergic to bamboo. That's like telling a human they can't have chocolate or that desserts are a no-no. It's not only their favorite food, but giant pandas eat a lot of bamboo! So maybe it is like saying to a human that both chocolate AND bread are off the menu.

 I feel ya, Mr. Panda!

Panda NO

After 14 hours of eating bamboo, scientists found only 17% of the green stuff was digested which might explain why they are eating for 14 hours. The Chinese scientists discovered that, unlike most herbivores, a panda’s gut bacteria has not evolved to match its diet and remains more akin to its omnivorous bear cousins. 

Studies of both wild and captive panda bears show neither has plant-degrading bacteria like Ruminococcaceae and Bacteroides in their guts.

Panda Chilling

Researchers say the vegan diet may actually put the panda in an evolutionary dilemma if their bodies don't eventually adapt. Of course, China’s most famous animal evolved from a species that ate both meat and plants and began to consume bamboo almost exclusively 2 million years ago. So evolutionarily speaking, maybe they are not in that much trouble. 


If you have a love of animals, you want to help them in any way you can. Here are some great causes you can support in honor of all the furry friends out there.


Think of your worst nightmares. Do any include millions of spiders raining down from the sky? Well, then you’re lucky you don’t live in Goulburn, Australia, located just 125 miles from Sydney, which is currently covered in countless baby spiders and their webs.

This freak occurrence can be explained by the fact that baby spiders try to separate themselves from their brothers and sisters and find their own turf in a process called “ballooning.” They climb up to higher ground, release silk, and wait for the wind to take them away. In this case, there was probably a huge nest of mother spiders for there to be such an extreme ballooning effect.

Luckily ballooning to this degree doesn't happen very often, so you’re probably safe. Probably.

(Photo Credit: Reuters)