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Womensforum, founded in 1996, is one of the first and largest women's lifestyle communities online, reaching over 45 million each month.

Womensforum represents an opportunity to interact and engage with the active modern woman.

Our seasoned sales force creates proposals that are tailored for each client's media goals and represent the best in class.

Our experienced team with almost 70 years of combined experience speaks to the depth of our knowledge, expertise, and passion for delivering results. Customized campaigns lead to performance that exceeds expectation and fosters invaluable consultative partnerships. Our team's experience allows us to recognize synergies created through uniquely developed opportunities bolstered by a coordinated multi-channel approach.

It is our mission to hone in on the traction created and provide the marketer with the insights, data, and campaigns that will exceed their goals.


Custom Ad Capabilities

Targeting Capabilities

  • Demographic and Psychographic
  • Geographic
  • Contextual and Behavioral
  • Day Part/Time of Day

Video AND Mobile Ad Capabilities

  • VAST and VPAID compliant
  • :15 to :30 preroll, midroll and postroll
  • Overlays
  • Custom Video Development, Production and Distribution
  • Original Video Programming within top Content Channels includes sponsorship opportunities
  • Mobile display and video for all devices

Display Ad Capabilities

  • Standard IAB Display Units
  • IAB Rising Star Units
  • Rich Media
  • Content Category Exclusivity and 100% SOV available
  • Expandable Ads, Pushdowns and Synched Ads
  • HTML Newsletters

Social Ad Capabilities

  • Social Media Promotion through our engaged audience using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram and More
  • Custom Facebook Applications to host branded consumer promotions
  • Experiential Event promotion through social channels
  • Social Conversation Units

Consumer Promotions And Shopper Engagement

  • Coupon distribution and activation
  • Shopper Influencer programs to drive online and in-store sales
  • Product trials and sampling programs
  • Customer loyalty database programs
  • Customized brand sweepstakes, promotions and contests

Custom Programs & Executions

  • Roadblocks, Takeovers and Re-skins/Wallpaper
  • Customized Editorial and Content Integration
  • Custom Content Sections and Hosted Landing Pages
  • Custom Sweepstakes, Promotions and Contests
  • Expert Blogger and Influencer Programs
  • Custom Homepage Branded Integration
  • Experiential Marketing including offline events, in-store promotion and video coverage
  • Brand Studies for Measurement and Continued Success!
  • Native Ads

Content Verticals

  • Moms / Parenting
  • Food / Recipes
  • Health / Wellness
  • Living / Entertaining / Home
  • Style / Fashion
  • DIY
  • Entertainment / News
  • Shopping
  • Blogger Forum

Contact Us About Advertising

444 N. Michigan Ave #3550
Chicago, IL 6061

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