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induced-lactation-without-drugsBreast Feeding is Now a Possibility for Moms of Choice Who Have Not Given Birth

Breast feeding is one of the oldest and most natural methods of providing an infant with the vital nutrients they need to mature.  New mothers over the years have considered breast feeding for the nutritional value, to boost the baby's immunity and to increase the bond between mother and child.   Induced lactation is also used for women who have trouble conceiving naturally but are planning on adopting.

Methods Used to Induce Lactation

Lactation is a natural process that begins soon after conception.  A woman's body increases in estrogen that signals the pituitary gland to produce prolactin, which is a hormone that starts the lactation process.  Once the baby is born the abrupt decline in hormones triggers the pituitary gland to produce oxytocin to initiate lactation and produce breast milk.

Induced lactation without drugs is a growing practice for adopting or surrogate mothers to bring them naturally closer to their new baby.  Health researchers have now isolated the hormonal influences and basic metabolic events necessary to induce a woman to produce the perfect food for a baby even if she has not recently given birth.  This knowledge now allows many women to experience one of the most natural joys of motherhood.

Natural stimulation to bring the breast milk to the surface is typically required in preparation for nursing the child. Physicians suggest to women at the end of their second trimester to begin stimulating their breast through natural methods to induce lactation and to over come tenderness in the breast. 

Natural Methods in Preparation of Natural Lactation and Bread Feeding

  1. Nipple Massages: While in the shower or bath use a light wash cloth to toughen the nipples and clear away any harden tissue. Lightly rub the nipples in a circular motion with the warm soapy wash cloth. Do this frequently before and after the baby is born.
  2. Nipple Stimulation: Stimulating the nipples in preparation for inducing lactation without the aid of drugs is one of the most effective methods. This process usually begins the first month of the last trimester. Simply use a breast pump to stimulate lactation. Another method using a spouse or partner to suckle your breast as an infant would to induce lactation without drugs is also a great way to bring the beast milk to the surface.

While this process is possible in all pregnant women, however this natural way to induce lactation without drugs is often used on women that are not pregnant.  Non-pregnant lactation for a woman who wishes to breastfeed her adopted child is the standard practice advised for women planning on adopting or being a surrogate mother to an infant.  Most often this chore is meant to bring the adoptive mother and new infant closer, through a natural process of the maternal bond of breast feeding.

Organizations like the Le Leche league and the Mayo clinic as well as other surrogate mothering programs in third world countries were infants lack nutrition, initiate the lactation process in the adoptive or surrogate mothers.  In this case induced lactation is necessary and quite simple.

Increasing Horomones

Most often induced lactation done by pregnancy simulation in women who haven't experienced pregnancy is the normal practice.  Non-pregnancy induced lactation is done by introducing birth control pills in high dosages, which simulate the naturally high concentration of hormones during pregnancy.  This activates the production of Prolactin to start the lactation process.   Then the woman is abruptly taken off birth control to simulate the abrupt decline in hormones to trigger the production of oxytocin.  This offers the same natural effect pregnant women experience after child birth.

Once the pregnancy simulation process is complete, using natural stimulations such as nipple massages, breast pumps or their partner to induce lactation without drugs is standard.  New adoptive mothers especially enjoy this method since it builds the mother child bond most natural mothers' experience through breast feeding.  But there are draw backs to this procedure.

Negative Effects of Induced Lactation

One of the major draw backs of induced lactation is most surrogates or adopting mothers rarely produced the same quantity of breast milk as a new mother immediately following child birth.  Although this presents a problem in terms of infant nutrition, experts who are proponents of induced nursing at the Mayo Clinic and Le Leche League believe that it's not the quantity of breast milk that strengthens the bond between mother and child but the action of breast feeding.  Therefore the focus is more on the building the closeness rather than nutritional merits associated with breast feeding.

Breast feeding your child whether though naturally produced lactation methods or stimulated induced lactation are both drug free methods of induced lactation that are much safer for the infant and the mother.  Learn more about surrogate methods of inducing lactation without using drugs, by going online or contacting a surrogate birthing clinic.

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