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inflammatory_breast_syndromeThere are several ways to check for inflammatory breast syndrome.

A visual inspection is one way to check for inflammation of breast tissue. A physical breast self exam feeling for lumps and pain is another method however a distinct lump is not always present. The feeling of pain is not a definite sign of this disease but it is a frequent indication of the disease. If a self exam produces some symptoms associated with this disease,go to a medical professional to perform further testing.

Does Inflammatory Breast Disease Lead To Breast Cancer?

Inflammatory breast syndrome is inflammation of the breast tissue and is often a sign of cancer. In a breast self exam, some of the signs to look for are:

  • Swollen lymph nodes under the armpit and neck
  • One breast issignificantly larger than the other
  • Nipples that appear flattened or inverted
  • Breast appear pink or red
  • Orange texture or rash in patches or over entire breast
  • Pain and/or itchiness
  • Nipple discharge
  • Any drastic and new changes in the look and/or feel of the breasts

Any of these visual signs indicate a consultation with a doctor. Keeping track of such changes along with taking notes will be helpful in the diagnosing stage.

Some common medical tests have trouble identifying inflammatory breast syndrome. In most cases of inflammatory breast syndrome, a mammogram can’t identify it because there is no distinct lump. A mammogram can find general swelling of the tissue or skin but not the malignant cells. An ultrasound test is used to confirm the presence of edema or swelling of the skin. The ultrasound also identifies any inflammed breast lymph nodes. This method is one of the best tests for evaluating lymph nodes. Because inflammatory breast syndrome is different than other types of breast disease, basic tests for detection do not always work. Surgical biopsy is the best method of detection. The underlying tissue and skin is evaluated for cancer cells.

The survival rate for breast cancer caused by inflammatory breast syndrome is about 40 percent. The low survival rate is related to late detection. Inflammatory breast cancer is relatively rare and the medical professionals are not very familiar with the disease.

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