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2014's Innovative Marketing Strategies: 5 Trends to Watch

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2014-innovative-marketing-strategies-5-trends-to-watchChange has always been inevitably and drastic and usually expected.

It has become part of life, affecting businesses greatly in an attempt of each business trying to outdo each other through competition. The old days when businesses held knowledge independently are gone as currently each emerging trend is always at each business’s disposal. Let’s take a look at the forces expected to influence small business marketing significantly this year.


Content Marketing

Traditional advertising is no longer sufficient enough to capture consumers attention. So, many businesses are adapting content marketing, a creative way of attracting prospects and enticing them to join your list and eventually be converted into customers. This marketing strategy requires posting guides, uploading how-to videos, expert interviews, case studies, contests where audience nominate winners. This type of has been proven to be efficient enough to spawn new business.

The key is authentic and unique content that will keeps visitors entertained. Once a business understands how its marketing strategies are received by the market, it can opt for direct marketing rather than creating content that is not straight to the point.

Data Analysis

Data analysis has been in use for a long time and is increasingly important for small business owners to analyze and forecast various changes in trend relating to their industry. By analyzing data, business owners are able to understand their customers, market trends and various business elements. Data analysis as a marketing strategy needs to be used wisely since at times data can be misleading if not critically analyzed. 

Mobile Marketing

Smartphones remain an important part of technology with over 6.8 billion users and growing. If that is the case, you would think most companies were fine tuning their marketing strategies to include mobile marketing. Not so! This will change as we progress in 2014. Companies will find innovative ways to market to consumers who are either shopping online or offline, browsing products attributes or socializing via mobile devices. You will see an increase in marketing oriented Apps and innovative ways consumers are being be tracked. For example:

  • Location Based Marketing will allow companies to track specific products consumers are buying in real time thus they can market at that time.
  • Multimedia Messaging Service is on the rise according to leading marketers. These experts have seen 40% annual growth over the past few years.

Social Media Marketing & Measurement Tools

Every social platform has analytical results measuring its performance. For instance, Facebook offers in depth analysis from the number of people reading posts, new likes, to the amount of traffic at any given time. The statics are then coupled together to provide meaningful data of how your business is performing. This allows you to make adjustments to your overall marketing strategy.

Short Storytelling 

Storytelling is a powerful tool just like music with the ability to soothe and draw attention. Most businesses have taken this concept and are highly marketing their brands through short stories as brief as six seconds while others might be relatively long. Using this innovative marketing trend, you must be able to tell a short story that speaks convincingly about yourself or the impact your product or service had on your customers.

In conclusion, business success and growth heavily depends on its marketing strategy and the ability to penetrate more markets than competitors, thus increasing the market share. With these five marketing trends expected to have great impact on businesses this year, a lot more changes are expected in future. 

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