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Inside Brazil

World Cup Look Book


37 photos from the World Cup you need to check out! The World Cups' official Instagram has been posting pictures recently that will blow your mind. Check out some of our favorite FIFA World Cup pictures posted here!

See A Doctor Before Going To World Cup

see-a-doctor-before-going-to-world-cup-headerThe CDC is urging travelers to visit a doctor for preventative treatments before traveling to Brazil.

If your summer travel plans include a stop at the World Cup in Brazil (also the location of the 2016 Olympics), the CDC suggests seeing your doctor four to six weeks before you go. "We're expecting that a lot of Americans will attend and we want to give them a chance to review some of the health and safety issues that come with attending World Cup-like events in a country like Brazil," Joanna Gaines, a senior epidemiologist at the CDC, said. 


Top 10 Facts About Brazil

10 Facts About BrazilRead all about where USA Men’s Soccer Team will be sending a majority of their summer!

This year, the FIFA World Cup is being held in the 5th most populated country in the entire world, located in South America. Along with the incredible food, culture and unstoppable soccer team, Brazil is a place full of history.


Top Sites To See In Brazil

Brazil-cityCheck out these historic and exciting sites to see in Brazil.

Inside the magnificent sunsets, the lush Amazon Rain Forest and the high-speed city streets, there's something special about Brazil. This South-American country is home to over 200 million people and has been described as one of the most exotic and exciting places known to man. With cities like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero, traveling in Brazil never slows down, especially during the FIFA World Cup this year.


Popular Brazilians Outside The Soccer Sphere

not-everyone-in-brazil-plays-soccerA list of famous Brazilians outside the soccer world.

Not everything in Brazil has to do with soccer or Brazilian athletes (although most of it does). While the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be taking center stage in the South American country on June 12, Brazil has also made other athletic, cultural and religious contributions to the world.


Why The World Cup Is In Brazil

Brazil-CityDiscover why the famous tournament was chosen to be held in Brazil in 2014.

The World Cup is quickly approaching and for soccer fans this is quite an exciting time. It means the best soccer players in the world will travel to one destination to compete for the Cup, games can become quite competitive.


Where To Go When In Brazil

Top-Things-To-See-In-BrazilTaking a trip to Brazil? Maybe even for the World Cup?

Don't miss out on these sights while on your next Brazilian adventure! Out of all the places that have hosted the World Cup in the past, Brazil seems to be one of the top rated hosts. From sights to see, cities to explore and beaches to enjoy, Brazil is a gorgeous place to host the 2014 World Cup.


Best 5 Brazilian Foods

best-5-brazilian-foods-slideshowGet into that Brazilian culture with these delicious eats and treats!

Can't get down to Brazil for the World Cup? Why not bring a little bit of Brazil to your World Cup party! These five culturally favorite foods will get you ready to explore new foods and watch the 2014 World Cup!