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Home Valentine's Day 3 Inspirations For Date Night Outfits

3 Inspirations For Date Night Outfits

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Inspiration-For-Your-V-Day-Date-Night-Outfit-headerPlanning for a Valentine’s Day date night doesn’t have to be difficult. While there are plenty of date choices - a fancy dinner, a night out on the town, a stay-at-home meal and movie, or maybe a trip to the movies -  there’s no need to fret over the holiday (at least not any more than your average date).
We’ve put together a list of outfit possibilities for the different dates you might go on this Valentine's Day.

1. At The Cinema

Dressing for a movie date can be a tough outfit to conquer as most of your time will be spent seated in a dark theater. You want to look stylish, but no too fancy. Try putting on a pair of kitten heels with skinny jeans, an elegant tank, a simple cardigan and some statement jewelry. Keep the outfit casual, but not so casual you look like you’re just going to run errands. This outfit can also be applied to any casual dating event.

V-Day Movie Date

2. Out To Dinner 

Fancy dinner dates are among the most common ways couples choose to celebrate this romantic holiday. Be sure to keep your outfit classy and refrain from looking like you’re hitting the club after. There can be a fine line between the two. Whether it’s a simple yet elegant little black dress (might we suggest something with a standout back?) paired with strappy heels and gold accent jewelry, or a red stunner with subtle accessories and elegant pumps or stilettos... keep it showy, but not too flashy. If you live in a cold weather locale, we'd recommend a shawl or sleeved garment, or a sexy furry coat! 

Fancy V-Day Dinner

3. A Night In

This does not mean you should spend your evening in pajamas… though your birthday suit may be an option (toward the end of course, or maybe even right away, whichever you fancy). If you or your beau are preparing for a romantic night in, the key to your outfit may not be what’s on top, but what’s underneath. Keep it elegant and sexy... you can never go wrong with lace! As for the outer garments, go for comfy chic with a pair of leather skinnies, a flowy blouse and some simple flats.

V-Day Night In



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