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Sponsored by SeaWorld San Diego

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We're lucky enough to be living in a time when we can access nearly any sort of experience or learn more about pretty much anything we want thanks to the internet and it's vast repository of easily discoverable information. 

However, even the coolest high quality video, the most detailed website, or the most colorful book doesn't quite make up for a real life experience. And there's where our partner SeaWorld San Diego comes in, especially if you're interested in marine life and marine biology, or have a kid who loves these topics. Or maybe you just want to get up close and personal with some really awesome animals, and the rest comes later. 

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Interactive Learning Makes The Biggest Impact

It's been shown that interactive learning - the kind of learning where the student actually gets to see and react to something in real life and/or physically engage with the subject matter - is more impactful because it helps to foster emotional investment in the subject.

To use SeaWorld as an example, it's tough to capture the cleverness of a dolphin, the majesty of an orca, the playfulness of a seal ion, or the quirky personality of a penguin on the screen. Some things just have to be experienced in real life to make a lasting impression, especially for a easily distracted kid (or adult)! 

Furthermore, when you combine interactive learning with a subject that that the student already passionate about, it cements their existing knowledge and increases their desire to learn more. So it only goes to follow that taking your kids to SeaWorld might actually influence their future in an extraordinarily positive way. 

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Informal Education Makes A Serious Difference

Did you know that like many other zoos and aquariums, education is a primary goal at SeaWorld? Yes, having fun and being entertained is also part of the experience (after all, the park does have roller coasters and other thrilling rides), but being able to interact with the animals and learn more about how they live and the world under the ocean is what's really important. Think of it as edu-tainment! 

While visiting places like SeaWorld is definitely not a traditional educational experience, spending a day at the park actually does offer kids (and adults) a lot more than a standard trip to a theme park or amusement park might otherwise involve. And that's the type of informal learning that you'll recall long after the adrenaline rush from a waterslide has worn off. 

Besides getting to see the animals interact with each other in wonderfully accessible versions of their natural environments, there's also the opportunity to talk with their keepers and discover new fun facts and more about the lives of their favorite animals. In addition to the opportunity to encounter actual wildlife, the interactive displays and engaging exhibits at SeaWorld create an informal learning environment that allows for a deeper understanding and respect for all wildlife - which is always a wonderful thing. 

What To Do If Your Kid Is Super Interested In A Topic?

We all know how kids can become crazy-intense on specific topics, particularly in regard to researching the creatures they love! Plus, as a parent you want to give your kid the world and let them dive deep into the subjects they are interested in - which means giving them the opportunity for interactive and informal education.

Of course, if your kid is especially interested in marine life or the natural world in general, SeaWorld's educational offerings include camp programs, instructional field trips, informative websites, national awards programs, teacher workshops and resources, and more. So why not mention all of these great experiences and resources to your kid's teacher if you're lucky enough to live near Sea World San Diego - and if not, we think that you should definitely bring your future marine biologist or animal-aficionado kid for a visit! 


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