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Amy Hilliard is a business woman who’s a living testament that building long lasting relationships matter most. From her start with corporate companies to her biggest name client, she has maintained good work ethic and business relationships.

Comfort Cake and the Chicago Public Schools

Talking to a friend in the food industry, Amy Hilliard joined him in selling her dessert to the Chicago Public Schools. She sold whole pound cakes to Chicago Public Schools for a while. When it became too labor intensive, per request of Chicago Public Schools, Hilliard’s company then sold slices to Chicago Public Schools.

After that worked for a while, the Chicago Public Schools started to make all of their food at the schools so Comfort Cake could no longer be distributed to the schools pre-made. Through brainstorming, it was decided Comfort Cake would be sold in frozen batter form.

Hilliard said the business relationship with the Chicago Public Schools sustained her business and today, it’s still Comfort Cake’s biggest food service customer. At one point Comfort Cake was selling over 6-million servings of batter a year to the Chicago Public Schools.

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