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Amy Hilliard on Fixing and Learning From Mistakes

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Amy Hilliard, founder and CEO of Comfort Cake Company, gives all her opinions on how to fix and learn from mistakes, specifically ones we make in our business and personal life. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as we can learn, and she knows a thing or two about this subject.  As a career woman, Hilliard says it’s okay to make mistakes in the workplace and here’s why!

Making and Fixing Mistakes

Hilliard says she is honest with her clients about mistakes and glitches happening in the workplace.Amy Hilliard

“The mistake is thinking you’re never going to make one,” she says. Also, not asking for help when you need it is a mistake. Hilliard believes that honesty is so important when it comes to work; be honest with your employees and your clients. 

Just because mistakes happen, doesn’t mean an idea or project has failed. There is nowhere to go, but up! Learning from our mistakes is what makes them worthwhile!

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