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Mom, wife and business owner Emily Raisher has much to say about blending family and career. Having numerous college degrees and a successful Chicago business, Raisher still says that her greatest accomplishment is that of raising her children. Raisher says she's proud of how her children have grown and her part in raising them.

Emily Raisher: Inspiring Woman

Raisher began her career path at Michigan State University where she got her degree as an educator. Later, Raisher went on to attain her master's degree in Education while still teaching. Raisher then became uncertain that she wanted her career path to continue in education, so she enrolled at Harrington Design School to pursue a degree in interior design.

Ultimately, Raisher went into retail and opened up a business that she initially thought would be a hobby she could share with her mom and sister. What she found was that her business demanded lots of work and hours. When she was a single woman managing this all herself, it was all right. Raisher put her heart and soul into the business and was proud of it.


Then came the day when Raisher met her future husband, and so began a three-year period of changes involving marriage, baby number one and baby number two! Raisher says that given those life changes, her greatest accomplishment as a woman was blending career and family. While working, Raisher exclusively nursed her newborn son in addition to other adjustments.

Raisher says, indeed, you can have it all and that it's at least important to try!

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