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chicago-match-cup-sailing-overview-videoWe went to the Chicago Match Cup to learn about the sport of sailing. Check it out!


Match racing is not like all the other finish line races. It's not about being the first. Yes, that's part of it, but the key is teamwork! It’s about each team proving that they can do more than just be fast. Teammates have to work well together and come together when under pressure. Here’s more on match racing and the Chicago Match Cup.

Match Cup Sailing in Chicago

Every team has the same boat and the same sails in the Chicago Match Cup. Whichever team works best together, practices the most, gets into a good groove and acclimates themselves to the boat well, become winners. Sailing is much like other sports, whereas when you’re hot, you’re hot. A winning streak is a good sign of skill and the ability to win more, especially in match racing.

Match racing is different from fleet racing, though. Match racing is one-on-one and fleet racing is three or more competitors (can be as many as 40). Match racing allows the focus on to be on one opponent compared to many at once. 

Here's a little sailng trivia. What are the three different sails? They are:

  1. Main sail
  2. Spinnaker
  3. Jib 

What's Next in Sailing?

A women’s match race circuit was launched recently. The olympic women’s match race competition is credited for allowing such to happen. Look out for women in sailing because the business is booming.

With inspiring women such as professional sailor Sally Barkow a part of the sport, you never know what’s next.

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