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inspiring-women-jenni-luke-on-teaching-resiliency-to-young-girls-video-headerJenni Luke talks about how her program, Step Up, works to inspire women to inspire girls.


Resiliency is something Step Up prides itself on instilling in the girls in the program. Jenni Luke, the program's CEO, discusses just how important it is to demonstrate and the benefits it can have on a woman's life, from childhood to adulthood.

Step Up has an incredible legacy of girls it has worked with that are becoming the next generation of professional women. The organization is very fortunate that in the four years that it’s had graduating classes, that in partnership with its school partners it’s graduated 100 percent of its seniors and all of which have been accepted into college.

One of the things that Luke has learned in working with the girls is that more than ever, resiliency is not just important to teach but to show as well.

The way to do that is to have conversations, talk about vulnerabilities and challenging moments, and how to overcome them. It’s easy to talk about triumphs which is usually what’s presented to the world but Luke says to talk about decision points and how hard choices had to be made.

Modeling resilience and perseverance is one of the best gifts women can give to young girls. It’s a muscle they need to know they can exercise, according to Luke.

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