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Kat Cole is the president of Cinnabon and the co-founder of Changers of Commerce. As a businesswoman, she recognizes that men are the majority when it comes to leadership roles in large companies. Although women are under-represented in the c-suite, she feels that society is not far from seeing more women emerge into leading positions across the board.

Diversity of Leadership

In this video, Kat Cole said she recognizes that a minority of the world’s largest companies are run by women, and that women are still far under-represented in the c-suite. However, she sees the growing number of woman in the next tier; in vice president roles who are emerging c-suiters.

Although women are the minority of leaders in one industry does not discredit the majority of leading women in others. “We’re not far off from seeing significant movement in these large companies,” said Cole. Meaning, society can rest assure that some of these companies will eventually be women lead.

The numbers may appear to be stagnant or that women are far off from top positions, but that’s not true. Like with all other things, it takes time. Cole said we can improve the speed to getting to that point by having the current women, like her, in those next tier positions lead in a certain way. How so? By being inclusive and not making leadership about a gender issue, but by recognizing that there is a benefit to focusing on all types of diversity in leadership.

Generally, women are a critical part of the workforce. There are things all leaders, men included, can do to improve the ratio of women leaders. For instance, Cole wants Cinnabon to be known as a great place for women to work. It creates an economic win for her company, but it also sets the tone for other leaders to elevate the women in their organizations.

How are you going to make your mark in diversifying leadership? 


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