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Kat Cole is the president of Cinnabon and the co-founder of Changers of Commerce. As a self-proclaimed "life-learner," she’s always hungry for knowledge. Find out what drives Cole to be a life-learner and always seek life lessons and knowledge.

Be a Life-Long Learner

Cole said she grew up in a family where her mother was always kind, even when things were stressful. Her mother supported three girls all on her own, but never spoke ill of Cole’s father or the challenges she had to endure. There was a grace and happiness that made people want to be around her mother. From a young age, Cole saw kindness and grace rewarded.

Cole was a driven student that dropped out of college to take her first corporate job in Atlanta when she was only 20 years old. The decision to leave school left her with an unmet need of something being unfinished and a feeling of inadequacy. In turn, that emptiness drove her to always seek knowledge.

She felt that there was more learning to be had. Since she’s never been able to satisfy that hunger, she’s become more open to involving and innovating processes, and companies and brands that allow her to stand out.

No matter how much she accomplishes, Cole said she’s always looking to learn.

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