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marge-lyse-weight-loss-success-story-videoMarge Lyse lost 208 pounds -- half of her body weight!


She shares her testimony of triumph during her weight loss journey. It was at 400 pounds when Marge Lyse decided she had to make a change. Her weight loss journey took her almost two years, but Lyse’s weight loss story is one of success. Find out how she did it.

Marge Lyse On Weight Loss

Although it wasn’t easy, it was a change Lyse said she had to undergo. She had to lose the 200 pounds she felt kept holding her back. She needed to do something in order to be around to see her kids and grandkids grow.

Lyse was dancing at her cousin’s anniversary party when she passed out due to heat exhaustion. She got really hot because she wouldn’t take her blazer off.

“That black blazer to me was like my super hero coat,” said Lyse. “As long as I had that blazer on, nobody else saw the weight.”

The following morning, she made a decision to change and said to herself: “I have to do this for me.” That day, she joined a gym.

In total, Lyse has lost 208 pounds. She was also part of People Magazine’s “Half My Size” issue in 2012. Lyse said the first two months were extremely hard, but she stuck to it. She started to shed the weight and make a lifestyle change.

It took her 18 months to 2 years to get most of the weight off, and within the last couple of years, she’s dropped the last 30 pounds she wanted.

Be The Change You Want To See

Lyse wants anyone who’s struggling with their weight to know:

  • “You’re the only one that can get that weight off. You can find it within yourself to get a grip on what’s keeping you down and get rid of it. No matter what is holding you back, set it aside; you’re important enough.”

You simply have to put yourself first to get your health in check. Marge Lyse's weight loss success story could be yours!


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