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Screen Shot 2017 10 31 at 10.43.26 AM CroppedEmily Meyers Carmack, also known as the Freckled Fox to most of the internet, has been through a lot in her life. But you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at her, or at her bright and lively blog and social media accounts.

The Beginning

She first started in 2012, inspired by Stephanie Nielsen (of NieNie Dialogues). "I wanted to do something that made me feel fulfilled, like I have a purpose" she says. It also served as a way for her to deal with post-partum depression and get her voice out there, find friends who understood her, and potentially help people dealing with the same things she was. However, Emily didn't make her blog public until about a year later, in the mean time writing about her pregnancies and the things she enjoyed doing.

Screen Shot 2017 10 31 at 12.07.43 PM Cropped

As a mother of five with the sixth on the way at the moment, she had plenty to write about! And in the meantime she lost her first husband to cancer while sharing some of her feelings and experiences in an extremely poignant yet relatable way on her blog, then married her second husband, all the while connecting with her readers and sharing pieces of her life on the web.

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The Current Moment

"At the time I started my blog, I didn't realize women could do that - I didn't even really know what a blog was!". But we - and her readers - are so glad she learned. Once she made her site public, it grew quickly, thanks at least in part to the complicated hair tutorials that she created and her striking long red tresses. One of them went viral and the rest is internet history! Now her blog is the family business. She's also pregnant with her sixth child, so life is certainly hectic for Emily!

The Future

Emily tells us she'll probably never stop blogging, even though her blog has changed and evolved a lot over the last few years. "I always want to uplift and inspire people", she says. "Because of all the hard things that have happened to me in the past few years and that I've shared on the blog, people feel comfortable opening up about their issues and the tough things they are dealing with". 

This has turned into a lot of opportunities for her to speak to different groups; after all, as Emily says, "we are all connected through the difficult stuff we’ve been through. And women are so hard on themselves naturally!"

Screen Shot 2017 10 31 at 12.06.51 PM Cropped

An Inspiring Blogger - And Inspiring Woman

One of the most important things to Emily is her connection to her readers. "I'd love to travel more as a family and meet more people who are going through similar things - I'd love to write a book someday too!" She tells us that the most important thing she has is her connection to her readers, and there's no mystery or falseness in the content she puts out. "Everything I put online is the real me, but I don't put everything online".

She also told us there is no one she'd rather hang out with than her readers - "I'd love to have a pizza party in the backyard and hang out with everyone!" And while we love the sentiment behind that idea, at 238K Instagram followers and counting, that would have to be one big backyard.

The reason why? "My readers were a huge support through some of the toughest times in my life", she says, "these were real people supporting me and that’s a huge huge blessing. It’s a big responsibility and a big privilege."

Emily is inspired and supported by other strong women - "there's so much that women go through, and we have to be so unselfish. In fact, supporting women as a whole is so powerful - I wish more people realize how much they could gain by supporting others." We think that's a great message for a blogger - or anyone - to spread!

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