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inspiring-women-professional-sailor-sally-barkowSally Barkow is an inspiring woman, professional sailor and Olympian who has sailed her way to success. Find out how she did it.


Professional sailor Sally Barkow has been sailing since the age of five on a small lake in Wisconsin. She sailed through high school and college, up into adulthood. Being focused and determined, she became an olympic sailor. Barkow shares what it takes to be successful at the sport.

Barkow has chosen to take the scenic route in life... literally. From the boats she’s sailed, she’s been able to travel the world while competing amongst the best sailors in the world. But, the physical aspect of the sport is what she really enjoys. There’s a rush of adrenaline and a competitive nature to sailing, said Barkow. But it’s also a very mental sport that requires much discipline, especially for women.

Sailing is a male-dominated profession and sport. There are very few spots and few for female sailors. Most are taken by men. But, Barkow said, when you compete at the top level, there isn’t much of a difference between the guys and gals.

Her advice to aspiring sailors? It’s simple. If you have fun racing and love to compete, continue to race. There’s a pathway to make it just as she did.


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