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inspiring-women-put-yourself-first-to-achieve-balance-for-your-passions-video-middle-1Angela Rose, founder of PAVE, shares how complementing your passions with balance and self-care can help maximize your life.


For women to take care of their families, relationships, friendships, and careers, women need to first take care of themselves. Loved ones and a career are passions that can overtake over a woman’s life. Balance, however, is the magic ingredient for a life recipe of fulfillment and success.

Angela Rose, executive director and founder of Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment (PAVE), opens up to Womensforum.com about how PAVE inspires women with the mission of preventing and shattering the silence over the sexual violence of women. Rose shares that self-care is the first step toward achieving balance.

Finding Balance For Your Passions

Strong, driven and ambitious women delve deep into their passions, whether it’s taking care of a family or growing a business. You take on the identity of a homemaker or entrepreneur and pour heart and soul into that identity, while other areas of life can be neglected. Only with balance and self-care can you healthily and rewardingly pursue passion. Reserving energy for self-care can be challenging.

Taking Care Of Your Body

“Give ourselves permission to take very good care of ourselves,” emphasizes Rose. With extreme self-care, women take care of needs so businesses, families and relationships can be care for and flourish as well. Scheduling time to feed the body and nourish the soul improves productivity. Rose started juicing as a way to enhance how she cares for her health and body. Since drinking fresh, organic juice hydrates the body, eliminates toxins and provides the body with nutrients, juicing is her nourishment.

If you feel overwhelmed by your obligations and taking care of yourself doesn’t make the list of priorities, start by acknowledging and accepting that self-care — putting yourself first — is essential to your well-being and happiness. Then, explore avenues that could help you feel healthier, sharper, more rejuvenated, and more energized.

Reclaim yourself through self-care activities, new lifestyle habits, and different states of mind, such as the following ideas:

  • Starting a new fitness regimen, such as yoga or running a 5K
  • Cooking a healthy new recipe once a week
  • Getting adequate sleep each night
  • Meditating and expressing gratitude every morning
  • Ditching soda, alcohol and caffeine
  • Indulging in a good book, magazine or movie
  • Taking a break every day to be alone

Letting Loose & Playing

Sharing yourself with people who are uplifting, positive and inspiring enlivens your being and subsequently your passions. Make time to laugh with friends and be with family. Don’t feel guilty for taking time away from work to spend a night with girlfriends or go out to dinner with your family. Rose reminds us that “life is an adventure.”

Everyone’s life adventure is fueled by passion. Just be mindful about complementing your passions with balance, self-care, love, and relaxation.

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