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inspiring-women-supporting-victim-helps-heal-others-video-headerAngela Rose was 17 when she was kidnapped in the middle of the day after work.


She is inspiring women through the organization, Promoting Awareness Victim Empowerment (PAVE). Their mission is to spread the importance about victim support, preventing sexual violence, and finding a healthy way for the survivor to emotionally heal.

"It does such a disservice to the survivor to not allow them the space and grace to talk about it," Angela shared..

Angela's Healing Process and How You Can Help Others Just Like Her

Angela's grandmother called her one afternoon. Her grandmother wanted to discuss the heavy-hearted feelings toward overcoming the kidnapping and being sexually assaulted. She told Angela she admired her transparency about what happened to her. Her grandmother wanted to affirm in Angela that what she went through was tough, but that everything happens for a reason and she'd overcome this somehow. This is when Angela realized she was meant to start a movement about helping others heal by speaking up.

"To help other people was such an important part of my healing journey," Angela said about her inspiration to begin PAVE.

"You can be that one supportive person," Angela said, just like her grandmother was during Angela's sexual assault recovery.

For more information about her impact across the nation, visit PAVE.

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