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  • Instagram is filled with thousands of images of high-end fashion and mouthwatering food, but the inspiration doesn't end with the closet and kitchen. When it comes to decorating and extravagant home decor, we have gathered 14 "grammers" who set the fabulous bar very, very high. These IG accounts are known to give the best tips and show off the most amazing designs. We'll just say that if you add a few of these ideas to your own home, the neighbors will surely be jealous. Check out these 14 Instagram accounts that you need to go follow immediately!

  • @sfgirlbybay

    After taking one look at this San Francisco girl's pictures of life in Los Angeles, we have come to the conclusion that Victoria Smith seems to be living in a world full of sunshine and incredible destinations, surrounded by her very best friends. A self-proclaimed extroverted introvert, Smith says, "It seems as though I see the world through rose-colored glasses, but it's just my filter." Hand us a pair of those glasses because we're in!

  • @nickeykehoe

    Featuring the talents of Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe, Nickey Kehoe combines their interior design studio and Beverly Hills boutique to create Art is a Way. "It's not what you have, but what you do with it that matters" could be the Nickey Kehoe motto. The designers take what could look like a junk shop on steroids and turn it into eclectic chic. 

  • @cococozy

    The woman behind Coco Design calls herself an "L.A. style hunter" and after becoming addicted to her feed we have to agree. This grammer takes on the ultimate task of traveling the world to inspire all of her home designs, and, we have to admit, quite a few of ours. 

  • @simplygrove

    If neutral colors are your thing, look no further! Simply Grove's Instagram account is run by talented designer Kristen Grove, who shares her personal and professional projects along with decorating tips that will make you at least feel like a designer. It's the perfect time to become a fan with the interior stylist's book Simply Styling coming out this fall.

  • @cordirey

    Cordelia Reynolds labels herself a "home stager, textile addict, lover of all things hand-made, tree climber/couch potato and part-time vegan, goat cheese on weekends." She manages to mix all of those labels into one fine Instagram account. 


  • @homepolish

    What's better than following one interior designer? How about 400? With a plethora of designers at its fingertips, Home Polish creates an endless supply of stunning projects. This is one "home-style" account that will leave you speechless. What's even better? If you are looking for a designer, HP can hook you up!

  • @homesteadseattle

    This is a great account to follow because if you see it and love it, you can probably buy it! Homestead Seattle is a Capital Hill vintage store that boasts magnificent rugs, beautiful leather couches and vintage furniture. If you really like the style, you can experience it up close and personal by staying in the Homestead Seattle AirBNB listing located in the Central District. 





  • @designsponge

    Attention, DIY Fans: This designer's account is everything you've been looking for. Grace Bonney founded the do-it-yourself website Design Sponge. You might be seeing her around as she hits the road on a book tour promoting In the Company of Women, a beautiful book filled with "inspiration and advice from over 100 makers, artists and entrepreneurs."

  • @apartmenttherapy

    The Apartment Therapy mission statement reads: "Saving the world, one (apartment) room at a time." And they mean it. This Instagram account is not only stylish but pretty functional too. You are just as likely to see images of stylish storage ideas as you are to discover stylish home decor.

  • @consortdesign

    Don't expect anything but ultramodern looks from the Consort designers who hail from L.A. Their cutting-edge-classic aesthetic is not for everyone, but even if it's not your cup of tea, it is fun to scroll through image after image of West Coast hip designs.

  • @witanddelight

    Kate Arends is the brains behind Wit and Delight, which is also the name of her website. Her whimsical and playful style highlights her ability to mix masculine and feminine tones in her designs. It all makes for an unbelievable Instagram account that is exciting to explore.

  • @jonathanadler

    Whether you know Jonathan Adler from his high-end home designs or from his collection at Target, his Instagram account offers a new look at the interior master's personal design philosophy. What you will probably notice rather quickly is his penchant for building chic foundations and accessorizing with his adorable pets.

  • @hunted_interior

    Dazzling. That is a word that comes to mind when following Kristen Jackson's feed. The home-style editor and "hostess in chief" loves sharing her bright ideas almost as much as creating them. Hunted Interior is full of images of home decor tips, projects and ideas that will make your life, well, dazzle. 

  • @methomemag

    This last one might be cheating a little since it is actually a home design magazine, but we still think it's worth adding to the list. Met Home Mag creates the picture perfect image of modern city living that offers plenty of inspiration for the rest of us, no matter where we call home.

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