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instagram-memoir-studentPhoto Credit: Instagram

We have been doing Instagram wrong this whole time!

A 23-year-old American Cambridge student is straying from the norm of simple and overused Instagram captions, with extremely personal snippets of her life. Her sharing of pictures is not unusual, but her approach to the popular social media app is what is changing the way people think.

As part of writing her memoir “And We Were Like," which will be available for purchase in January 2016, Caroline Calloway pairs her Instagram posts with lengthy captions describing why the moment captured in the photo is meaningful to her life.

The feed tells the tale of many 20-somethings and their journey through college: the experience of having a crush, hanging out with friends, and finding a place in the world.

Her explanations, however, are anything but ordinary.

 Under a vibrant photo of fireworks, Calloway provides her 300, 000 followers with a beautiful comparison between her belief in magic and being accepted into Cambridge.

These colorful descriptions don’t leave anything to the imagination. Because of her thoughtful writing, based on the style of her favorite writers as told to Mic, the art history student allows her followers to know exactly what she is thinking. Above all else, she wants her memoir to be honest, she said to Mic.

One of the most surprisingly honest aspects of her page is her tales about falling for her crush, Oscar. His face is proudly displayed in many of the photos, thus anonymity is not part of Calloway’s style. Calloway elaborately describes her conversations with Oscar in such a way that you almost feel the embarrassment and awkwardness for her.

Luckily for us, Calloway keeps us up-to-date on her relationship status and we don’t have to wonder how the story ends.

So what do people feel about Calloway’s unique approach to social media? Reactions are mixed, according to a report done by ABC News.

Abby Jitendra, a Cambridge student, told ABC News that Calloway's pictures tend to "amplify the ridiculousness of Cambridge" with its long-held traditions.

However, others find the magic in her approach.

Comments on her photos include praise such as “best thing I have ever read” and “your writing is absolutely brilliant!” Followers even beg her to post more often.

By the looks of her social media accounts, Calloway seems to hope that a common reaction amongst her followers is getting a good laugh out of her experiences.

She told ABC, “I hope readers will find the stories moving and funny.”

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