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world-cup-womens-lacrosse-amber-laconeWe met up with world-class athlete Amber Falcone to talk about confidence and her experience playing lacrosse. 

Girls that play sports are cool! They have put in long hours of regular practice at their sport, hours in the gym and have dedicted their lives to excellence.

Amber Falcone of the U.S. Women's National Lacrosse Team is one of those women. She was recently named to help represent Champion Apparel and I had a chance to chat with her about her thoughts on inspiring others.

Interview with Amber Falcone

1. As a role model what do you feel is your top three messages to girls/women?

Be confident, be passionate about what you love, and do what makes YOU happy.

2. Could you talk about the hours of dedication and what it takes to be a top athlete?

I have been playing lacrosse since I was eight years old. For me, it has taken lots of long hours of conditioning, practicing and sacrifice to be at the top of my game. Missing parties with my friends, not staying out long hours, eating healthy, things like that... But I wouldn't change anything because the reward has been that much greater.

3. How have athletics changed you as a person?

I think the biggest thing athletics has done for me is given me the ability to work with others. In the workplace you need to be able to communicate, brainstorm and collaborate with your co-workers and that is what successful teams do so well.

amber-falcone-women's-lacrosse4. What are your strengths off the field?

I think my biggest strength on and off the field is my positive energy. Being energetic is something that is always in my control.

5. What’s the feeling about the Women’s World Cup?

It may not be the most publicized sporting event of the year, but it definitely is important to those that follow lacrosse. We represent our country well.

6. Who is the favorite in this year's World Cup for Women's Lacrosse?

Winning the World Cup in 2009, I think, makes us the team that everyone wants to beat. I am confident in our preparation, our coaches and teammates, but team Australia and team Canada are both great teams.

7. What does this event bring to the participants?

Because Women's lacrosse is not an Olympic sport, the World Cup gives us a chance to represent the United States every four years in competition and a chance to wear the red, white and blue.

8. Why is sports apparel important to you?

Sports apparel is so important to me because I want to be comfortable when I work out. I don't want to be worrying if my sports bra is too tight or if my shorts are too big.

Amber inspired me and I hope she inspires you, too! Be confident, be happy and stay healthy.

For more from Andrea, check out her website.

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