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international-hotties-of-the-world-cupNeed escapism in the form of hot men? We've got you covered.

Soccer season is creeping up on us and this means only one thing…men may go completely M.I.A. for the next few weeks. In order to get you through the soccer period, we've compiled a list of the best International Hotties of the World Cup. Whether you're trying to impress that sports-obsessed crush with your player knowledge or desperately seeking eye-candy whilst your man is engrossed in the game - we're all over it!



Mario Gomez Garcia

This brunette babe is a 28-year-old German striker and boyfriend of German model, Carina Wanzung. Hashtag #MarioGomez on Insta for a serious good-looking stalk.









Olivier Giroud

I am absolutely obsessed with this man. Put on your best French accent when pronouncing Ol-i-vee-ay Ji-rouuu to avoid looking majorly dumb (like moi). Note: Oliver Gi-rood is not an acceptable pronunciation of his name. But either way, ultimate babe.








Gerard Pique

Heard of Gerard Pique before? Well, he's only Shakira's hubby. The Spanish defender who currently plays for FC Barcelona and two-time Grammy winner Shakira have been dubbed the new power couple of football. Move over Posh and Becks!









Sebastian Larsson

Brunette not your thing? Then look out for Seb, the 28-year-old blond haired, blue eyed hottie currently propping up the Swedish national team. Oh and wait 'til he takes his top off…which he often does. Yu-huh.








Christian Ronaldo

An obvious choice? Portuguese front-man, Ronaldo, is no new name when it comes to soccer fitties. So obviously we had to include him in this list. Reason? Because... well, he's too darn good-looking not to!






You're welcome, ladies. Let us know who you think is an international hottie during the World Cup on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest

Photo Credit: PR Photos, Instagram, Flickr, Wikimedia

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