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There's nothing we love more than getting to know our influencers, so we're thrilled to introduce you to Courtney, the fabulous creator of The Simple Glamazon! She recently shared how she lives, loves, and inspires with the Women's Forum team. Read on... 

The Beginning

Women's Forum: How did you get into fashion blogging? Give us an idea of your blogging trajectory - when did you start and more importantly, why did you start and how did you get to where you are are today?

I started The Simple Glamazon in January of 2014. I was at a point in my life where I was looking for something that was my own. Something that I could nurture and build to my liking and was a reflection of who I am. I was getting a lot questions from women in my office about where I shopped, how I put my looks together for work, and what my opinion was on an outfit they were planning for a special occasion. So, I started The Simple Glamazon. 

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 The Simple Glamazon is designed to be a place where everyday women can find style inspiration that is fiscally friendly to their everyday lives. The Simple Glamazon has been steadily growing over the past three years due large in part to social media. The key to catching a reader/viewers eye is to have great pictures. Not only do the pictures need to be perfection, but also relatable. Women want to get inspiration from something that is relatable and attainable to their lives. 

Her Fashion Inspiration

Who are some of your style icons?, other bloggers, people you know in real life, characters in books or movies, etc.  

I have always loved fashion and style. Not until I was older did I realize that it was doable for me. A lot of my inspiration comes from everyday people in my life or my mood for the day. When I wake up I think about what I want people to think when they see me. And, when I leave the house I say to myself, "This is what I want to look like today." 

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I've always loved Jessica Rabbit, but it is not always appropriate to leave the house in a red sequin gown! So, no matter what I wear I always add a touch glam. It could be earrings, my make-up, my shoes, anything. Having that one piece that adds the extra glam completes all my looks. 

Some of my favorite bloggers are Courtney Kerr from KERRently, Kristine Thompson from Trendy Curvy, and Kat Tanita from With Love from Kat. All three bloggers have great style and have great content that is relate-able to the everyday woman. 

Her Style #Goals

What’s in your dream wardrobe? Which designers, styles, labels, and so on...

Well first, my dream wardrobe would live in an additional room that I turned into a fabulous over the top closet in my dream house! LOL! I want to have a wide range of labels and styles. I imagine having everything from Old Navy, Banana Republic, Adriana Pappell, Michael Kors, Stuart Weitzman, Not your Daughters Jeans, Gucci, Luis Vuitton, New  York & Company, and Forever21+ . 

What are your favorite labels, brands, or designers? 

IMG 4831Currently I have been obsessing over most pieces from Banana Republic. I think that their style is so classic and extremely versatile. I wear their pieces to work and on the weekends. I also love what Michael Kors does for women's clothing. His designs are consistent and are always flattering to the female figure. 

If you could have one piece custom-made to your exact specifications, what would you pick and why? (Money is no object).

A Dress. Dresses are my favorite pieces in my closet. For me, dresses define femininity and are easy to wear. Not to mention, when you find the right one for your shape it is always flattering and stunning. 

Her Advice 

What’s your style motto that you live by?

If it makes you feel good, then wear it! 

What’s the one piece of fashion advice you’d like to share with our audience?

Find a good tailor! No piece of clothing is going to fit everyone the same. I have almost every pair of jeans tailored for the perfect fit. When I tell people I paid around $30.00 for a pair of jeans from Old Navy they are shocked! Then when I tell them I had them tailored they are confused. Here is something to keep in mind: If a piece of clothing makes you feel amazing because of the fit, then the price you paid doesn't matter. Making sure it fits does! Find a good tailor and spend money on the tailoring. Trust me, you will be grateful! 

How She Lives 

What are your goals for your blog?

Eventually I would like to have more lifestyle posts. If I am able to give meaningful style inspiration, then I know adding more content about books I am reading, recipes from my kitchen, and travel advice could also be useful for my readers.  

IMG 6087What’s your day job, or what do you do in addition to blogging?

I am corporate trainer for a bank. I enjoy going through the adult learning process and seeing my learners realize what they are capable of. 

Who’s your role model/which women do you find inspiring?  

All women are my role models. Women who are confident in who they are, and are not afraid to share their journey inspire me. I look for lessons in the women I meet and try to use those lessons for the benefit and grown in my life. 

Thanks for chatting with us, Courtney! We're thrilled to have the Simple Glamazon in our network and as part of our Women's Forum. 

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