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kids-at-schoolIs American education failing? This question has been asked for decades. The answer truly depends on who you ask and who the American children are being compared with. 

American Schools Struggling With Education Budget Cuts

Parents, administrators and educators alike are divided by the question, "Is American education failing?". Teachers who teach in economically depressed communities invariably say, "Yes."  Without a good tax base the money is not there and schools may not have the proper tools to teach children.   The fact is children from inner cities and rural areas or from regions torn apart economically through poverty or job loss don't get the same opportunities as children living in middle-class or upper-class areas of our urban regions.

Schools may struggle to get textbooks and the technology that is needed to prepare students in this day and age. It is obvious that many students from schools in low poverty areas are at a disadvantage compared to the students in the schools from upper-class areas.

Teachers are also torn over the policy of the "No Child Left Behind Act" of 2001 and its effect on the quality of American education. Teachers are now being pressured to teach students how to pass an exam instead of teaching for the joy of teaching and learning. It's not the skills and strategies that students take from the classroom that are measured, it's a test score pure, simple and worthless once the student has moved on to the next level. 

Is American education failing is not a question that teachers can be responsible for answering.  In some schools the teachers are given some leeway to change up the class but the math and reading exam is still being held over their heads; if the kids don't pass then the teachers may lose their jobs. As long as schools are treated as a business, the children's education will continue to suffer.  Our young people's education will continue to suffer if teacher's aren't trained (and allowed) to use teaching methods that match the children's learning style.

All schools are not having these problems; some schools have drastically changed their teaching methods to meet the needs of the students in their areas. Some schools offer students a very high quality of education even when compared to Asian schools. This article describes the problems of the average American school and how the education system is failing in these schools.

Our Children Hope for a New Tomorrow

What you as a parent must do to ensure that your educational system is living up to its responsibilities is to make your self aware. Talk and listen to your children.  Ask the questions.  Visit the classroom. Speak up.  Know the issues.  Vote and speak for your child's eductation.  Without your interest and your support, your educational system is deeply at risk in these economic times.

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