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is-bikini-waxing-dangerousYou Might Want to Think Twice Before Getting Rid of Your Pubic Hair.

Bikini waxing is nothing new or uncommon. Women all over the world have looked to remove pubic hair. However, clean-shaven men and women should be aware of bikini waxing dangers that are coming to light. With the explosion of beauty salons offering hair removal services, it’s apparent that many of the dangers of waxing the bikini area might not be that well-known.

The hair removal market was worth $2.1 billion in the US in 2011, with similar numbers in the UK. With this upshot, one doctor is speaking out to end “the war on pubic hair” due to hair removal risks.

Hair Removal Dangers

Brazilian bikini waxing dangers has been in the news as well. In March 2012, New Jersey nearly banned Brazilian bikini waxing as it sent two women to the hospital. Now, family physician as well as head of a student health center Emily Gibson is trying to get out the information of hair removal infections.

Gibson says hair removal can raise the risk for infection and even STDs in young people. She calls the time both genders spend getting rid of their pubic hair “astronomical” and believes the trend is the result of hairless celebrities and “misguided” attempts to seem more attractive or hygienic despite the hair removal dangers.

The doctor wrote some shocking revelations on bikini waxing risks on KevinMD.com. There, Gibson wrote that the removal of hair results in inflamed hair follicles and that frequent hair removal, which is necessary to keep skin smooth, can irritate the area. When combined with the genital environment, it becomes target for “some of the nastiest bacterial pathogens.”

Gibson also pointed out something many have learned. No matter the venue of removing hair, it “always grows back and eventually wins.” Other dermatologists seem to agree, though with some saying that the risk is minimal. Regardless, any break in the skin increases the risk for infection.

Hair Removal Infections

Gibson highlighted pubic hair’s purpose, which is to provide cushion against friction and protect from bacteria, pointing out that it’s nothing to be ashamed of, especially with some of the bikini waxing dangers.

Some of the dangers of bikini waxing include staph infections, ingrown hairs which can become infected and folliculitis. It can increase the risk for cellulitis, which is a potentially life-threatening infection of the labia, penis or scrotum from shaving or having sex with someone who is infected. It can also create boils and abscesses. Gibson also maintains that the microscopic wounds waxing creates makes Herpes more of a risk, as well as other STDs.

Bikini Waxing Safety Tips

If you would still like to wax but stay safe, follow these bikini wax tips to protect yourself against some of these bikini waxing risks.

  • Know your facility. To prevent against hair removal infection, read reviews, ask around and make sure it’s safe.
  • Ask questions about your wax. A hard wax is better in lessening Brazilian bikini wax dangers.
  • Make sure they sanitize. See that the waxer, at the very least, washes their hands thoroughly and uses clean equipment.
  • Use antibiotic cream for a few days after your wax.
  • Keep an eye out for infections. If you see anything, notify your doctor.
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