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Psychologists say that food that makes us feel better may just be a myth. 

We all love our “comfort food.” Whether it’s ice cream, cake, or a big fat cheeseburger, according to psychologists and a recent study, the idea a certain food could make us feel better when we are down may just have been a myth all along. Turns out if we are in a bad mood, either any kind of food can make us feel better or we will feel better regardless if we eat or not! 

Does ‘Comfort Food’ Actually Comfort Us? 

Saying you need some of your comfort food may only be an excuse to eat some sweets! A recent study evaluated people after watching a 20-minute video that made them sad, angry and fearful. They were asked to pick out comfort foods and foods they enjoy but wouldn’t consider "comfort foods."

After watching the video, sure enough, participants were feeling quite down. Then they were served a comfort food, a food they just enjoy, a granola bar or no food at all. However, three minutes after watching the video, their moods improved regardless of what they ate or didn’t eat.

Experts say that people like to associate something with feeling better. Yet as the saying goes, time heals all. Plus turning to unhealthy foods will do you more harm than good in the long run. 

Every once in awhile we may think that a slice of cake is improving our mood but science has sure shot down that theory! We can still eat the cake though...right?

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