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is-having-sex-everyday-healthyLovemaking Frequency Statistics

Serious relationships inevitably have issues, and intimacy is usually one of those issues. Since it is often joked about, it can be difficult to ascertain just what is normal and healthy and what is not. Questions such as, "is making love everyday healthy?" can often go unasked and unanswered out of shyness or fear.

Is More Better?

How often is it healthy to make love? The answer to that question can be different for every couple, and can even be different for couples at different points in the relationship. In spite of statistics that flow from the media claiming couples that are intimate at least four times a week are happier, the real key is communication. Knowing how to gage what is right requires open and honest communication with your partner. Getting the relationship to a good place where intimacy is concerned does not stop with communication either; it needs to go a step further towards making compromise in many situations. This is not about one person or the other getting their way, or finding a person that shares exactly the same drive as you, but rather agreeing on a happy medium.

Making Intimacy a Healthy Component of a Relationship

The focus should not actually be on the amount of lovemaking that goes on so much as making sure that the activity itself is a healthy component of the relationship. For some couples, the healthy amount of intimacy is going to be rather frequent, sometimes as much as several times per week or even every day. For other couples, it may be only once per month. No matter where between those two extremes any given couple falls, it can be perfectly healthy provided that this is what each person wants. Lovemaking should never be used as a bribe, withheld as a punishment, or used as a tool of manipulation in any way.

Differing Points of Views and Urgency

There are bound to be times when the desire between two people does not fall in alignment with each other. It is important to remember that being intimate with each other is possible without actually 'doing the deed'. Aside from differences in drive, there may also be times when certain activities are not possible, such as following surgery or other medical treatments. There are many other ways to be affectionate besides those. Hugs, snuggling, back rubs, and similar actions are all also great ways to be physically close and support a healthy level of intimacy. 

Is making love everyday healthy? If it’s mutually desired then yes, it’s perfectly healthy. Intimacy should not get in the way of other important aspects of the relationship like conversation and taking part in meaningful activities together. When this becomes the case, intimacy itself crosses the line from a healthy aspect of the relationship to being a hindrance instead. At this point, it would no longer be considered a healthy form of expression between two people. No couple wants that, so keep the focus on the quality, and not the quantity, of intimacy.

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