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amicrowave_baby_bottleWhy Microwaving Milk for Baby is Considered a Bad Idea

This has been a discussion for as long as microwaves have been around. Parents and their opinions when asking, “Is microwaving baby's food and milk safe?” vary in response between yes and no answers. The truth of the matter is that both sides are right: microwaving baby food is safe and it's not safe. In reality, this matter is best solved by none other than your very own opinion: microwave baby formula or not, it's totally up to you.

Can I Safely Microwave My Baby’s Food?

When considering, “Is microwaving baby's food and milk safe?" you need to think about the two issues at hand. Microwaving breast milk or baby formula can be relatively safe if done correctly. However, microwaving baby food, such as packaged and pureed starter foods, is a whole different matter due to a liquid heating differently from a solid. This is because of the way the microwave works. The microwave radiates heat when in use, and these waves target the center of the item being heated. This essentially means that it heats from the inside to the outside.

If you microwave baby formula, you must be sure to only heat it for a few seconds if you absolutely have to use this method. You should then swirl the bottle to evenly spread the heat throughout the liquid. Some parents recommend to only heating up the water and then adding your powdered formula. This is because microwaving baby formula can unevenly distribute the heat. In severe cases, "hot spots" are formed and can instantaneously heat that spot of formula so extremely that causes it to spoil.

When microwaving pureed baby foods, you need to be extra careful and only heat the food for small increments of time. In other words, little by little. This is so that you can stir the food every few seconds to create an even distribution of heat. It's also a good idea to heat the food at 50% power to make the heating process more gentle. Another thing about the topic, “Is microwaving baby’s food and milk safe?” is that there are those who fully believe that a microwave is a dangerous appliance. Therefore, other methods, which are far more ancient and traditional, are still the most acceptable and recommended ways to avoid microwaving breast milk or baby formula.

Recommended Ways to Heat Baby Formula and Foods

Is microwaving baby’s food and milk safe? Some say, "Absolutely not!" and it is their right to think so. In fact, most medical professionals would agree. The hot water method has stood the test of time as it has been used for more years than you might think. It is recommended many times over the microwave baby formula and food method. All you have to do is make your baby's bottle the way you always have except this time, run the finished bottle under warm running water to reach your desired temperature.

When heating up pureed baby food, try heating on the stove stop using a saucepan and low heat. Whatever you do, don't forget to stir constantly so that you heat it evenly. Pureed baby foods are always fully cooked, so remember you are only heating them up. Basically, it should only take 30 seconds, or so, to fully heat through. As always, with baby formula, milk or baby food, make sure to let it cool and check the temperature first!

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