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is-sarah-jones-a-sex-offender"The Female Sandusky?" Probably Not, But There's Some Still Some Serious Charges.

Former cheerleader Sarah Jones is facing some pretty serious charges lately, including being called “the female Sandusky” by some. Sarah Jones, Bengals alum for Cincinnati, is facing sex crime charges for allegedly sleeping with a student from a high school where she taught. The Sarah Jones sex scandal have taken quite the storm on the media, and despite prosecutor requests that she not talk to media, she has defied this and spoken up to defend herself.

Sarah Jones Sex Charges

27-year-old Sarah Jones, cheerleader turned teacher, has some pretty serious charges on her plate- though probably not on Sandusky’s level, as Jones has pointed out. Jones called the inability to defend herself in the face of accusations as severe as this “not fair.” She said she’s angry that the media is portraying her as a sexual predator. It’s true that whether you know her from Sarah Jones pictures, her cheerleading days or other headlines, she’s been in the news.

Though cheerleader-turned-teacher Sarah Jones has not directly said whether or not she slept with with the underaged student, she did say that the charges were misconstrued. She points out that, though he was student, he was not her student.

Some say that one factor taking away from the severity of the case is that the student is 17 years old, one year away from the legal age. Indeed, there are some very significant differences in the Sarah Jones sex scandal from the Sandusky case. The biggest seems to be that the boy’s family is on Jones’ side, and Jones said it would be difficult to get through the situation without their support.

Is Sarah Jones the "New Female Sandusky?"

The Kentucky Inquirer reported that in a court battle on July 30th, prosecutors asked for a gag order for Jones to avoid pretrial publicity. The judge has yet to make a decision on that. In addition, Jones’ attorney, Eric Deters, accused to prosecution of leaking Jones’ text messages to the media, as Jones is also accused of sending sexual text messages to the student.

Deters told a radio show that the case was sparked by comments of the ex-girlfriend of the alleged victim. In the wake of her accusations, Sarah Jones has lost her Bengals cheerleading squad spot and her teaching position.

For Sarah Jones... the hot text messages, sex charges, media and plenty of other drama is adding complications to the already media-attracting case.

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