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Unless you've been on a social media hiatus this year, you've probably seen the hashtag #WasteHisTime2016 trendingand have some kind of opinion on it. It all began when a bunch of guys started the hashtag #WasteHerTime2016, which showcased the stereotypical ways that men waste the time of women who are interested in them, like canceling last-minute for a date or never texting them back. 

Naturally, the ladies did not hold back, and the #WasteHisTime2016 hashtag began, with hilarious (but admittedly sassy) results. 

Since the hashtag went viral, both men and women have responded by expressing their concerns about the future of dating if women actually tried to copy this kind of behavior and used it on unsuspecting guys. What about the nice guys? Would this lead to future generations of jaded single people? On the other hand, some posted that this was finally giving guys a taste of their own medicine, and that the hashtag was a sort of feminist forum for women to air their grievances.

Firstly, no, this hashtag is not feminist. Convincing women who've been hurt in relationships to retaliate by acting in hurtful ways to harm future partners 1) hurts both parties and 2) is hardly the way to be happy. Yes, it's mean, which is why no one, men or women, should be acting like this in a relationship. 

But if you can take the movement for what it is, a hashtag that's poking fun at the social norms and pitfalls of dating in our hook-up culture, it's actually pretty hilarious. 

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