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Itchy Vajayjay

Why Does That Dreaded Itch Strike When You Least Expect It?

There's one particularly nasty itch that not only persistently itches; it also burns and can drive you completely insane in a matter of minutes. Gentle wisp like strokes sooth temporarily but then you cannot help but almost rip the skin off  scratching harder and harder to soothe your itchy vagina.  Luckily when you are in the privacy of your own bedroom or bathroom, you can take matters into your own hands, so to speak!  But what about the other 20 hours in the day?

You & Your Vajayjay:  It's More Than a Passing Fling!

And chances are that when you go to the drugstore for anti-itch cream the pharmacist will kind of wink and ask you if the cream is for an itchy vajayjay!  As if the word vagina out loud wasn't embarrassing enough!  Oh boy.  You smile and consider asking him about what he does when his weewee stick gives him problems... but you keep yourself in check.

So this particular pet word for the female nether regions is a cute, cartoon-like caricature called a Va-Jay-Jay!   I know Oprah once used it and that's all it took.  The world was listening and there you have it.  All jokes aside regarding this new  is it old, darling name for our female anatomy--this dilemma of the unrelenting vaginal itch is a serious matter and as most women know; once you begin scratching, the inflammation discomfort only gets worse.

But Wait, Let's Get to the Root of this Itch

So, you've tried your usual remedies of a bath, some pussy approved anti-itch cream, soothing wipes and/or medicated powders and it's still itching.   You tried putting some baking soda in a warm bath, soaked in the tub and then dried the region thoroughly.  You even slept with nothing on - a diaper rash remedy!  Other's believe in soaking in oatmeal, by the way.And the result is...no solution.

So you decide to just use baby feather-like caresses to sooth; but alas the temptation starts over again and next thing your itchy vagina is scarred and bloody from the gashing episode you just inflicted!  By this stage you are willing to try just about anything to stop that awful crazy itching! It's just got to stop.  Still you don't WANT to go through all the hassle to make an appointment and take off work.  So you research.  And learn a few new things.

A non-medical cause could be 'chiggers from the water' which cause an itchy Vajayjay. What are chiggers? They are tiny bugs that are known for delivering bites that itch very intensely. And wouldn't you just know it; these little horror bugs thrive in wet, moist conditions which is why showering after any picnic in the park or swim in the local pond is a good idea.  Nope.  Havent' been there?

Let's see.  What about pregnant women? Sometimes an unexplained itching down there can be caused from swollen blood vessels in the vagina being slightly enlarged due to pressure on the area and swelling during pregnancy.  But wait, you are NOT pregnant.

It's also been known to strike unsuspecting breast-feeding women as well; so younger gals aren't home free either!  But no, you are neither nursing nor menopausal.

And finally but by no means least o the list of causes of vaginal itching; women that have angry vaginas!   They're not just angry but they're literally flaming red and swollen with a common ailment that menopausal women know too well; Vaginal atrophy. Also known as atrophic vaginitis, a thinning and inflammation of the vaginal walls due to a decline in estrogen levels.  Ok.  Not there yet.

Your next best bet is to locate a hydro-cortisone cream approved for mucous membranes...yup the vajayjay is one of those.  This contains steroids which may help with the symptoms.  But the underlying cause may be something more than a passing fluke.  You know you shouldn't put it off any longer.  Can't put it off any longer. Better call the doctor because you need a diagnosis!

With symptoms that include vaginal itching, burning, dryness, painful intercourse and a host of 'shoot-me-now' symptoms; the good news is that treatment is simple with anti-itch creams and medication.

And if these do not work in the first 24 hours, do not hesitate to contact your health care provider to narrow down and zone in on the culprit.  Sometimes you just can't figure it out and for the stronger creams and salves you will need a physician's prescription.

In case anyone was wondering, the medical name for itching is pruritus...so that would be a Vajayjay-pruritus.  It almost sounds like a metaphor definition for a happily purring cat!  Here Kitty.  Here kitty, kitty!  There now.



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