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Photo Credit: Getty

The joke is on us!

After comedian Will Ferrell went back and forth with the public about whether he and Kristen Wiig would be starring in a Lifetime movie this summer, the film has been confirmed.

In case you need a repeat: Will Ferrell and Kristen Wiig are DOING A LIFETIME MOVIE. 

And even more, it airs this month. 

Recent photos taken from Hollywood Boulevard show eager fans posting the billboard for the movie, Deadly Adoption, with the tagline, “The birth of a plan gone wrong.”

The Hollywood Reporter originally reported in April that Ferrell had been a longtime fan of the notorious network and was interested in working on a television movie with them.

Almost immediately after rumors broke that Ferrell would be in Lifetime’s next biggest hit, he quickly denied and said he and Wiig were “deeply disappointed” that the “top secret” film project had been leaked and ultimately scrapped.

Wiig and Ferrell in the leading roles was allegedly suppose to be a surprise for viewers of the film, thus explaining Ferrell’s back and forth.

Although the surprise bubble is burst, fans and avid Lifetime lovers are ecstatic that the classic comedic duo will star in the traditional dramatic (well, let's be honest, overdramatic) roles that are often featured on the network.

If you’re wondering about the hysterical chemistry these two have on screen, here’s a refresher of the pair presenting at the Golden Globe Awards in 2013.

Deadly Adoption airs June 20 on Lifetime.

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