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It's almost time for a summer vacation - what are you planning? Or do you think you'll end up spending most of the summer at work. We all could use more vacation days at work. Nothing is better than not going to work for a week and laying on the beach in some tropical island having a cute boy bring you fruity drinks! According to a recent study, Americans don’t use up all their vacation days from work! Now that’s just crazy! People use only 51 percent of their available paid vacation days, according to sources. We really should change that! 

Why We Don’t Use Our Days Off 

The study also revealed that 61 percent of employees actually work on vacation! That’s even worse! The reasons? Some said they didn't think anyone else at the company could do their work, they didn't want to get behind, were trying to earn a promotion or raise, some were afraid of losing their job, and the remainder wanted to show that they do more than their coworkers.

If you get paid vacation time, take it! Otherwise, you could be putting yourself at risk for a heart attack or heart disease, sources say. Taking vacation days can improve your overall mental health, so you’re fresh when you get back to work!

Do you get paid vacation time at work? Do you ever feel like you have to work while on vacation? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter! 

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