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For over 20 years now, the Veggie Tales crew has been bringing the life-long lessons of hope, love and trust into their audience’s lives. Their latest movie Veggie Tales Noah’s Ark, follows the same winning formula, with the adorable animated veggies telling the bible story of Noah’s Ark, all while imparting lessons about having patience and trust.

WomensForum had the opportunity to chat with one of the stars of the movie, Jaci Velasquez, about motherhood, positive media, and of course, the movie.

Velasquez voices the character of Sadie who is the brand new bride of Shem (voiced by Wayne Brady), who is one of Noah’s sons.

For Velasquez, the opportunity to be in a Veggie Tales movie was one she couldn’t pass up.

"In our house Veggie Tales is king," Velasquez told us. "Knowing my boys might like something that I got to be in was just more than I could handle it was so exciting."

As almost all parents know, finding movies that both you and your kids enjoy can be quiet the difficult task. And then after finally finding a movie that you all enjoy, it’s just as difficult to not over-watch it and have it loose it’s charm. According to Velasquez, that’s something you won’t have to worry about with Veggie Tales: Noah’s Ark.

"You’ll laugh because Veggie Tales always throws stuff in for the parents," Velasquez says. "Your kids will laugh and more importantly they’ll watch something that is good for them."

The fact that the movie has a positive message and good lessons is something that is essential for Velasquez.

"Whatever our kids are watching and listening to that’s what’s going to come out of them," she says. “Media in general has an impact on children’s lives.”

Velasquez said she’d much rather hear her children singing on of the songs from her movie, than a much more inappropriate one they might hear on the radio, and we’re sure that most parents would agree.

“I think that what every parent wants is positive influence in [their] children’s life,” Velasquez said.

Although Velaquez is happy to be a part of a movie that will hopefully bring such positive influences into many family’s lives, the most rewarding part of the processes has been the recognition she received from her youngest son,

“He hugged me and looked me in the eye and said mommy I am so proud of you,” said Velasquez. “The was better than any award you could ever get any award that I’ve ever gotten that was the moment and it’s something I’ll never forget in my life”

Veggie Tales: Noah’s Ark is available for digital download now at Veggietales.com and on DVD and Blu-ray in most major stores.

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