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james-garner-dies-at-86-header-2Beloved actor for over 50 years, James Garner, passed away at 86. 

For more than 50 years, James Garner has been one of Hollywood’s leading men on the big screen and on TV. Sources report he passed away at the age of 86 in his Los Angeles home on Saturday night. The cause of death has not been officially announced but sources say it was due to natural causes. 

The actor and male model was born in Norman, Oklahoma on April 7, 1928 as James Scott Baumgarner. He starred in over 50 films throughout his remarkable career. He was loved by older and younger generations alike.

James Garner was best known for his role as Bret Maverick in the 1950s western-comedy TV series Maverick and as Jim Rockford in the 1970s detective drama The Rockford Files TV series.


He also starred in the TV show 8 Simple Rules. He was also a big star in movies such as The Great Escape, The Americanization of Emily, Grand Prix, Murphy's Romance and many more. Garner tugged at our heartstrings and made us believe in love with his role in The Notebook.

Garner also did some male modeling in his day but it was interrupted when he went off to the Korean War. He was wounded twice and won two Purple Hearts. 

Past health issues for Garner include him suffering a minor stroke in 2008.

In 2005, Garner received a life achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild. In 1956, he met aspiring actress Lois Clarke at a Democratic rally, and, he said, "She just knocked me out." Just short two weeks later they were married.

She already had a child from a previous relationship, Kimberly, but the two had one child together, daughter Gigi. 

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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