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1-japan-chooses-you-pikachuJapan's new World Cup mascot is electrifying, and quite cute!

Japan is ready to shock soccer fans around the world in the 2014 World Cup with one of the most favorited animated fighters in gaming history; Pikachu. From the beloved Pokémon franchise that has swept the world's attention, the game and popular television show's main character will now take the field with the Japanese World Cup team in Brazil this June.

1-japan-chooses-you-pikachu-2The mascot was the result of a recent partnership with Adidas and Nintendo who's partnership was previously announced in February. Since Adidas is sponsoring Japan for this year's World Cup, it only seems fitting to use Nintendo's favorite character as the fiercest, and cutest, as the mascot for Japan's team. The promotion for Japan's new mascot is advertised with other familiar Pokémon faces, including Squirtle, Meowth, Bulbasaur & Charmander. Pikachu is seen as the team's captain, and each character wears Japan's 2014 World Cup jersey in the nation's familiar Samurai Blue.


When the World Cup kicks-off on June 12, Pikachu will be ready to take the field with a bolt of lightening, and the cutest smile around.

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Photo Credit: Twitter (top), Twitter (bottom)

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