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Yesterday morning we lost another legend in Hollywood... Jared Leto's luscious hair. 

We would like to take a moment by shedding a tear in honor of the most prestigious mane that ever was. 

You may ask, why oh why would he cut that gorgeous chunk of man-hair off? Leto will be playing the Joker in an upcoming film focused on DC Comics supper villains, Suicide Squad.

In order to get his bad guy" look down, it required a pair of scissors and a hashtag, #suicidesquad. 

Along with the mane, Leto also shaved all his amazing facial hair. Fans took to social media exploiting their frustration, excitement, and a need to mourn.

It is a sad day in the entertainment industry. Let us look back on previous photographs, videos, and fan accounts, as we remember what there once was. 

David Ayer tweeted a before and after that rocked the country,

Jared Leto himself saved goodbye

We would now like to post some pictures in remembrance of what there once was.

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