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Jared-Leto-Kim-KardashianPhoto Credit: Splash

A few days ago, we were devastated by the loss of Jared Leto's incredibly beautiful ombre locks. Now, it seems that the Oscar-winning actor has gone platinum blonde!

spl968080 021

Photo Credit: Splash

Leto, 43, debuted his new hair (and lack of a beard) at Paris Fashion Week, the same event where Kim Kardashian gave the public a full glimpse of her new platinum blonde look. It's not the first time that Kardashian has shown some blonde ambition, but the latest look is definitely the lightest she's ever gone. Husband Kanye West reportedly likes Kardashian with lighter tresses.

spl936348 001

Photo Credit: Splash

Leto's hair transformation is due to his upcoming role as the Joker in Suicide Squad. He would need to bleach his hair first before transforming it into the Joker's trademark green locks, but there has been some speculation about what color will be chosen.

Jared Kim-2

Photo Credit: WireImage 

Suicide Squad will also star Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne. What do you think of Leto's new look? Stay tuned for more updates on Leto's changing hair!

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