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Home Entertainment Movies & TV "Jaws" Turns 40! Check Out Our 5 Fav Pop Culture References Over The Years

"Jaws" Turns 40! Check Out Our 5 Fav Pop Culture References Over The Years

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Jaws-HeaderPhoto Credit: Universal Pictures

OK, fair enough, seeing Jaws might have made you swear off swimming in the ocean until the end of time, but the iconic Spielberg classic also has led to countless pop culture references and great spoofs over the years! Like don't you secretly want to start humming the theme song when something bad's about to happen? 

Check out our picks for the best pop-culture moments from the unforgettable film! 

Sylvester Stalone Hums The Theme Song

Jaws-turns-40-1Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

Sylvester Stalone aka Tango hums the infamous "Duh-Duh... Duh-Duh" in the 1989 Tango And Cash and you just know in the pit of your stomach that something bad's about to happen. 

Shark In The Simpsons

The shark scene from The Simpsons is a direct reference to Jaws. Everyone sees a grey fin and flees but Homer is the one caught in the water! 

Luis Suarez

Suarez-JawsPhoto Credit: Meme Maker

Remember when Liverpool striker Luis Suarez bit Italy's Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup? We weren't too surprised when this meme started circulating...

The Many, Many Rip-Offs 

The success of the first Jaws film spawned a slew of knock-offs, including Orca and Piranha, as well as the Italian film Great White which was sued for being too similar. 

"You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat"

Jaws-Turns-40-3Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

Catchphrases like "You're gonna need a bigger boat" and "Smile you son of a b----" made the film so quotable. We can't be the only ones who tried to work those lines into our daily conversations, right?  

What are your favorite pop culture references from Jaws? The scene that scared you most? Share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 

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