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elevator-fightThe elevator fight seen 'round the world was spoofed at the CMT awards.

Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line parodied the viral video of Beyonce's sister fighting with Jay-Z in an elevator in the CMT awards intro. Though the original video that was leaked had no audio, the boys found a way to replicate and add some humor to it. 

Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line were shown in the elevator punching each other. As the elevator ride came to an end, the doors open to Kristen Bell getting a glimpse of the end of the fight.

Bryan gets out of the elevator and turns to Bell and says "Hey! What happens in the elevator stays in the elevator."

For comparison, here is the spoof...The action happens at 4:00.


And then the original...

The original video showed Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Beyonce’s sister Solange in an elevator with Solange trying to fight Jay-Z.

The three eventually gave a joint statement about the incident saying that Jay-Z and Solange "both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They have both apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family." 

Bey also posted photos of her and Solange happy together on Instagram. 

Photo Cred: PR Photos

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