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jenni-pulos-parenting-headerJenni Pulos is probably best known as Jeff Lewis' trusty Executive Assistant on the Bravo reality show, BravoTV's Flipping Out, but she's much more than that. She's an author, actress, rapper, comedian, a spokesperson, AND a mom to daughter Alianna, age 3.


Womensforum talked to her about how she manages to make wearing  all of those different hats look so good!

17671-jenni-jeff-picAs anyone who has watched BravoTV's Flipping Out knows, Jenni has had to deal with Jeff Lewis's sometimes difficult personality. 

For eight seasons, the Bravo TV reality show audience has  watched as she navigated a bad relationship, struggled as an actress and an assistant, found love and become a mother. She did all of this  while juggling the responsibility of being a side-kick to an OCD, interior-designing, creative guru.  So how does she do it? That's what we asked her:

Jenni admits having an unpredictable career like acting can be difficult but even seemingly stable careers like real estate have ups and downs (Hello 2008 housing market crash!) Jenni says she believes in embracing the unknown, since even if you plan for something, you can't predict how it's going to actually happen.

She's even written a book on the topic, Grin and Bear It: How To Be Happy No Matter What Reality Throws Your Way. 

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