jennifer-aniston-washes-her-hair-every-3-days-headerThe Hollywood beauty shares the secret to her infamous shiny locks.

Jennifer Aniston admits she likes to have low maintenance hair. Yet when she was younger, dealing with her hair and styling was always a challenge. The Friends star has one of the most talked about locks in Hollywood and it turns out her secret is not as complicated as many may have thought. 



Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Secrets 

Aniston admitted she washes her hair every three days! Back away from the shower ladies because this tip may make your hair as adorable as Rachel Green!

Aniston reportedly said she uses Living Proof hair products, which makes sense as she is a spokeswoman for the products. She said she doesn’t get a lot of product build-up and since her hair doesn’t dirty right away, she only washes it every few days. She uses no-frizz shampoos and conditioners and minimal styling treatments. It only takes her ten minutes to get that well-known beautiful head of hair! 

Ok...we'll admit it. Jealous

During her days as the loveable Rachel Green on Friends, she had the iconic “Rachel haircut,” which she says was harder to maintain and style. It looked like an effortless short bob that always turned out perfect on television. Yet when it was up to Aniston to style it on her own, she said it just never came out right. She's even said she wasn't a big fan of the 'do herself. 

For now, Aniston keeps it simple and we love it!


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